Wednesday, September 14

I Wonder About Readers in Governments

The universe conspiring.


How appropriate to just be informed that one of my images has been used for an article about reading and providing books for those who won't be able to have them without federal support.

Click the image below to be directed to the site where you can find the image and the article.

I am saddened by the truth I read in Morgan's article. I am disheartened to be informed that due to budgetary issues, the US has decided to cut back budget for education, specifically reading. The US has been such a trend-setter for the country I'm from. If they do this, will my country further cut back resources for our young readers? 

I agree with Morgan when she says "If we are what we read, what will the next generation of kids be when a growing number of them can’t afford to read anything at all?"

What will happen to the next generation? Why do we allow them to suffer so? Issues like this cut close to my heart: I am an educator. I am a reader. I am a mother.

How can I help? How can we help? How can we stop this downward spiral that we seem hellbent on taking? If I sound like I'm panicking, forgive me but I am.  This news poses as a serious threat to the future I'd like my son to grow up in and into.

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