Frequently Asked Questions

Portrait Photoshoot Sessions 

I currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia, and limit my work within the area.  I do not mind being invited for portrait sessions in nearby cities but I will only be able to schedule them on weekends and holidays.  

I also travel to the Philippines every so often and a few of my days there are open for Portrait Sessions.  However, these must be scheduled in advance.

Where to go?
If you're interested in inviting me to capture moments in your life, please know that the choice of venue is yours - though I might have a few suggestions of my own to share with you. I strongly suggest we choose an outdoor area where there is a lot of natural light as these produce really warm images.

What to wear?
Wear what you're comfortable in and what you feel great in.
If you're not very sure and you're down to two outfits, don't worry. Bring the second outfit. You can have one outfit change durng the session.
If you're all set for a family portrait or a friends forever shoot or a couple session, please make sure your color and style choices complement each other.  

When to schedule?
The best times to maximize natural light for outdoor images are early in the morning and late in the afternoon. However, if you feel that you need to schedule a different time, you are most welcome to inform me what time best suits you.

What else?
Chie Sipin Photography owns the copyright to the images. Your images might be included in my portfolio - online or on print. It will definitely be blogged in hundreds of thingks and posted on the Chie Sipin Photography Facebook page. I do not allow clients to modify the images or to claim them as their artwork nor use them for commercial purposes.

* I also love capturing moments during celebrations!  Send me an email at chie@chiesipinphotography.com for details.

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