Walks of Life

I've always seen Life as a journey.  And that we're all walking different roads at any given time.

You can be a child, a prodigy, a ballet dancer and a climber-of-trees all at one point in time.  Or a soldier, a father, a husband, and a son.  Or a singer, a hairstylist, a reader of Stephen King and a collector of ribbons.  You can be as eclectically put together as the proverbial Patches the Cat or as sleek and smooth as a newly cleaned limo.  It doesn't matter.  You are all your different you's. Now. All. At the same time.

Me?  I'm a mother.  A wife.  An educator. A photographer.  Sometimes I take little walks in alleys where I am a jewelry-maker. a poet. a performer. and an off-key singer.

I suppose it is because of this integral belief of mine that I maintain two blogs and a website.  I write entries, or, in the case of one, moderate entries so that I can document the travel.  Like Marco Polo's journal. Or like sign posts on the street.

Anywhich way you see it, holler me a hello when you see me by the road.

My Life in the Field of Education

I've been given the honor and the task of managing the school blog. Please drop by the blog for a look at school events, educational trends and a few housekeeping matters.
If you're looking for a school in the Jakarta area, I promise you that this school offers a fantastic and hard-working group of faculty members! Please browse through the school blog and avail of the contact information for a school tour. :)

I hope to see you on the road and, perhaps, we can share a cup of coffee as we chat about what the journey has done to us!

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May I share your blog on facebook? - Chandru :)