Monday, February 21

My Sweetest Lullaby


Everyday now my body sings a song to weave you together. The difficult notes meld slowly with the sweeter undercurrent of your own. Most of the time I am aware of the nuances in pitch and harmony, but sometimes you still let me sing my own song - the one which put me together and is changing continuously to make me into a better harmony for your newly made one.

For now, you are a hum - slowly taking form as my body provides the staff for your notes. The lines are rigid and yet, take surprising turns. I have yet to know how your song will eventually be and I cannot wait for it to burst out into the joy I know it will hold.

(written for my first born when he was still growing inside me. His song has been singing joy and light into my days for almost two years now.)

This photo was taken with my camera phone. If you're looking for other images made by camphones, I suggest you head to "I Heart Faces" and view the amazing entries for this week's challenge!