Monday, February 14

Let's Talk About Friendship


Let's talk about love today.

The kind of love that does not expect anything at all.

The kind that says "come and have fun" and "it's time to play."

The kind that witnessed scratches and bumps and falls - only to shrug and reach out its hand to pull you to the street to play until the sun set.

That kind. The one that wakes you up in the morning with conversations of "do you remember?" and "what're we doing today?"

The kind that can pull twigs and strings and leaves together and call it a campsite.

The kind that laughs at any joke.

The kind that pulls you in with a laugh after you just had a fistfight over who owned which stone.

The kind that sits with you all night as you dream up monsters you've both created - for fun.

Let's talk about love today.

Let's talk about friendship.

(This is an entry to the I Heart Faces Weekly Challenge. Why not make friends there, too?)


Tamar SB said...

Beautiful, love the colors and focus!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet entry.

Amber said...

Great pic! Love the expression of that little boy.

Chie Sipin - Bjarenas said...

thanks, ladies! this was taken in a zoo where little kids like him ran around and just had fun with everything and anything!

Tezzie said...

Such sweet that you've captured such an innocent moment of childhood friendship. Lovely!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love this post. You always have the most powerful messages to share. The image is outstanding!

amberV said...

Beautiful Picture of Beautiful Friendship. The little boy's face is fabulous!