Saturday, March 31

Child Portraits | Tiara

She loves her Chipmunks. She loves her princess names. She loves her shade. No sun, please. She'll be as good as a princess and send you smiles as bright as sunbeams - as long as Mr Sun himself does not come for a visit nor a peek.


Such a little dynamite. All wit and sweetness. She's going to grow up to be someone, I tell you.


I truly enjoyed Tiara's photoshoot. Loved every second of conversing with this little sprite! And having her sweet parents - who are also photography enthusiasts - around made the morning all the more enjoyable!


Mrs Rance, Tiara's mom, wrote an entry on Tiara's experience as one of Moms Guide Indonesia Icon Search Top 10 Choice. Read all about it here.

Clothes by Gingersnaps Indonesia.

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MrsRance said...

Thank you Miss're so sweet :))