Thursday, January 12

Giving back is always a good thing! (Part 2: Featured in Central Park's 360)



The IFAC project is a brainchild of Orlando based wedding and fashion photographer, Kristen Weaver. It is on its third year of raising funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) by inviting photographers from around the world to donate 100% of their session fees to BCRF for an allotted number of sessions or days.


Aside from donating the session fees to IFAC-BCRF, I also added the CSP Storybook and digital negatives to the Special Portrait Collection for additional donations to Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (YKI) or the Indonesian Cancer Foundation. I thought it was just right to raise awareness and funds for the local organization, too, as this country has been a second home to me for the past decade. It was such a pleasure to be able to share my time and talent for a cause near to my heart! (No pun intended.)


I scheduled a weekend for the cause and, with the help of Ms Ping - a kind heart and owner of Our Dressing Room (beautiful accessories!) - was filled with sign-ups for the event!



The Images for a Cure Special Portrait Sessions were held last November 12, 2011 at Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia. Six beautiful ladies and their families came over for the event and they were the fun-nest, sweetest and kindest souls I've had the honor of making images for!


Special thanks goes out to another group of beautiful ladies who were there to support the event through their unique talents! Lanny and Abigail, the make-up artists who came to my rescue in such a short notice, thank you for saying yes and for enticing their beautiful souls to emerge. Lala, overall support, thank you for being there and making sure things flowed nice and easy (6 portrait sessions in a day was not easy to manage and hold fort for!). Jai, our stylist, thank you for assisting our beautiful clients in deciding the look and feel of their sessions. Thank you also for reminding me to bring bubbles - they were such a success!


I can't wait for next year's Images for a Cure project! It will most probably be in Manila, Philippines, as my calendar says I'll be there by then. I am so looking forward to meeting the beautiful Filipina souls who will be part of IFAC - Philippines!

(If you'd like to be part of IFAC-Philippines 2012 this October 2012, send me a message through for more details!)

IFAC Special Portrait Sessions Collaborators:
Central Park Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia
Our Dressing Room
Muse Beauty Lounge

To know more about Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (Indonesian Cancer Foundation), click here.
To know more about The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), click here.
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