Friday, January 27

Down-right Beautiful! The Beauty of Down Syndrome through the Lens

Why do I do this? The reason is simple: I love documenting Love.


There is nothing like watching a mother look at her child and see her love just shine through her every pore. Or watching a father hold their child and see how the child feels so safe and secure in his arms. Or how an older sister hugs them close or an older brother lean in for a kiss. Really. Seriously. There's nothing like it.

This long weekend was blessed with this kind of love. Pure. Unadulterated. Overflowing.

I met Lisha, Ade, and their sweet baby boy Timothy. He didn't like the sun but absolutely loved the affection!


The next day rolled in and I went on a long journey south of Jakarta to meet Ningrum, Sakina and their beautiful family. Sakina is such a handful! She loved life and movement, her little doll, her mommy and her daddy. And her family? They just loved her right back!


Sunday was beauty all over again. Aqila ("smart" in Arabic, her mom informs me) came in with her mommy Nia and Dad and just brought sweetness with her beautiful eyes!


Love like this is addictive. Enticing. And, Life-changing. It opens your heart and your whole being to goodness and kindness and all that is warm and good. This is why I do this. To document Love at work and share what I see with everyone I know, in the hopes that they see it, too.

More to come soon!


Down-right Beautiful: The Beauty of Down Syndrome through the Lens is a collaboration between Chie Sipin Photography, Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia (ISDI) and Moms Guide Indonesia. It is a two-pronged project with free Family Portrait Collections for ISDI referrals and 50% contribution to ISDI for all Collections by Chie Sipin Photography for the months of February and March.


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These families and babies are beautiful!!!!! Such beauty! Thank you for sharing! Jennifer Dawn from Cowgirl Up! (