Wednesday, August 31

Surfer's Day Out featured in Unearthing Asia

What to say? I love Bali.


I've said this before and I'm going to say it again. For the record. There are only two places where the plane lands and I feel I'm home: one is Manila, the other is Bali.

I love the culture. I love the freedom. I love the bike rides. I love the rice fields I pass by on my way to work. And the place I worked in? A small international community school. Sounds oxymoronic? Most probably does. But it is all that. And it was beautiful!

You see that image right on top? That's a capture of two I love. My husband. And Bali.  I took it when he was trying to get all Bali Surfer Dude - that didn't quite work out as well as the look of him trying to be one did.

And boy, was I tickled pink when I found out that someone took that off from my Flickr and featured it in a travel article that has gone viral. (Translated in many languages, too. Ok, three or four. But as far as troll counting goes it's one, two, many. So it counts. Puns and ramblings.)

Here's how it looks on Unearthing Asia:


If you click the image above, it will take you to one of the sites which featured the article.

My ego is thrilled. And I'm stoked that my work was used to entice people to visit one of my hearthomelands.

If you haven't been to Bali, I strongly urge you to go.  Sit by the water edge and eat fresh seafood using your hands. Or just find a nice spot and enjoy a cold drink and an interesting book.  Or maybe go surf.

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