Monday, August 22

I Remember Beema


One good thing about looking through old photos is meeting old friends.

Let me introduce you to Beema.

He's a lion. A beautiful lion I met when I visited Bali Safari and Marine Park a long time ago. His portrait is one of the highlights of my visit there. It speaks so much of emotion, of strength, of calm and of potency. It speaks the same language the caged bird sings.

This has been added to iheartfaces photo challenge: pet week.  (Though lions should never ever be pets. Unless they're lion plushies!)


Team Lando said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love it, such a wonderful shot.

Kathryn Grace Photography said...

Gorgeous photo... love how deep his eyes are.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet little face!

Anonymous said...

How incredible to have that memory and this picture to go with it!