Saturday, August 20

And it is live! (Chie Sipin Photography Website)

Whew.  Been out for some time - taking a break with family and diving back into teaching - but now I've bounced back and quite ready to take on the online world again.

This sabbatical was not an idle time for me.  In the course of all these little things, I've decided to take another plunge into a new world - one that I've been testing the waters of for some time.  Are you ready to hear what it is I've done?  I've gone and put a website up!

It's been very exciting building it up from scratch but I had real good help from a fantastic web design company: Rimlight Design!  They were pretty amazing.  From this inspiration board:


They came up with this:


Isn't it pretty? *big grin* I love it!

Now, I have a pretty little shelf to place the images I've captured on!

I've also decided to wade in a little further and merged my two blogs into one!  Yup.  Bluebelle Photography has been transformed into Chie Sipin Photography and entries from there can now be found here!

(I think I have too many exclamation marks in this post, but I'm really excited about it all... *stops self from ending previous sentence with yet another exclamation mark.*)

Oh, and yes, Chie Sipin Photography has a Facebook page, too.  If you click this, it'll take you straight to the FB page.  I just want you to know, I'm not adverse to a like or two. 

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