Sunday, September 19

just draw!

just draw

Stop counting crayons, just draw pictures. ~Mark Scharenbroich

My son had a difficult time falling asleep today. It may be because he was so tired from a very long day or maybe because he wanted to drink every second of today til he could not drink no more. Like me. I want this day to stretch on and on. Let the evening last a little bit longer. I also want to drink in every last drop of my drink at the Last Chance Cafe. Tomorrow I go back to work.

So, today.  Oh, today. Today I spent all on my son and my husband.


in the 75%



Today I collected a few more quiet moments of my little one's world.


will you refuse?


As I watched him spend time with one of his friends...

no words

... and help mend another.


Oh boy, am I going to miss spending my days with him.

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