Monday, September 20

Apples & Laughter


A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you're at home.
-- Author Unknown

Apples. Got a few apples today from school. I picked them up when I was chatting about photography with another enthusiast. I simply grabbed my camera, showed her what it can do, and promptly grabbed a few fruits from her table. It's not like she was going to eat them - yet.


outvalues the same


survival of the fittest

like put things together

We were joined by the producer of our musical show at school and then we started having more fun! Chatting the way only girls can - with loads of flair, extravagant gestures and loud laughter! Afternoons are not often this sunny where we're at. The vocation to enlighten the next generation's minds is not always this kind of interesting.


Ah. The next generation. Sometimes they amaze you by differentiating "green air" and "yellow air" in a breeze; sometimes they inspire you as they whisper to each other "don't give up" when they've forgotten words in a presentation; and sometimes they remind you of your passions by a thoughtful present wrapped in a plastic bag and shoved towards you as you start to teach.


It was quite coincidental that I decided to merge my two other blogs to this one just this morning. Maybe it's a message. Maybe I should pick up my pliers again as I re-ignite my passion for capturing images. Tomorrow, I'm going to check my torch and help a young jewelry-maker with the final tweaks of a design she put together for a friend. Maybe the stones are calling me back. Maybe it's time for a visit.

So all in all: as for first-days-back-to-work go, today was quite enjoyable. Though I surely missed this...

monotone kaleidoscope

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