Wednesday, October 5

Cows and Beans: Not just a Jack and the Beanstalk Story

Are you allergic to cow's milk?  Lactose intolerant.  I am.  Allergic to milk and chocolate.


Not even the kind where just a little bit will hurt me. Nooooooooo. The kind where I can have just so much and when I go a teeny weeny bit beyond, I start re-acting. That's what they call it. The allergic reaction. I remember very late nights when my mom would prop me up high on pillows to help me breathe and lessen the reaction. I would cough until hoarse, until there was no coughing but a whole lot of hurt, and then I would cough some more. They weren't happy nights. These aren't happy childhood memories.

I worried about my son when he was born. Would he be lactose intolerant, too? Luckily, he wasn't. He didn't inherit the milk bit. He took that bit from his dad (only about 2% of Swedish people are lactose intolerant, as opposed to almost 90% of SouthEast Asians).

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So I thought the inclusion of my son's one-month old image in an article on milk choices for newborns was quite fitting. For a while there, we were on the same boat. Which milk to give? Cow's milk? Soy milk? Or, heaven forbid, the elusive banana milk? Thank goodness he was alright first time around. Now all we have to worry about is his chocolate intake!

Thanks for choosing my image for your article.

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